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A Driving While Intoxicated conviction has long term consequences. It is reasonable to feel stressed and overwhelmed if you have been arrested. My advice to all my clients and prospective clients is first take a deep breath and realize this is not the end of the world! As a Criminal Defense attorney focusing on ...

ALR Hearings

In Texas, if you are arrested for Driving While Intoxicated your driver license may be suspended, even if you are later found not guilty or the charges are dismissed! The Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program is a civil administrative process unrelated to criminal court proceedings. ...

Intoxication Charges

Steve Bowling Law also represents all other criminal charges involving alcohol including Public Intoxication and Minor in Possession charges. A charge of Public Intoxication and Minor in Possession requires the state to prove multiple elements in order for you to be found guilty. For instance, ...

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After a DWI arrest it is critically important to hire a defense attorney as soon as possible. Do you have a hearing date approaching? Let a former police officer turned defense attorney represent you! Learn more about Steve Bowling...


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